Since childhood, Greta has maintained the urge to closely observe the people and situations in her immediate surroundings. Growing up in a small village near Cologne, she always knew she wanted to expand her horizons.
Greta graduated from the Film Academy Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg with a Master‘s Degree in Cinematography, where she was encouraged to follow her intuition and trained to conceive an intimate connection between the camera and its subject.
A sharp, disciplined eye combined with a sensitive handling of the moving camera define her subdued style. For Greta, image design is the careful, balanced interplay of a subject‘s framing, lighting, pacing and movement. With every new project, she tries to find a unique visual language that suits the story.
Living in Berlin, Greta has had the pleasure to work with the likes of Zalando and Etsy and collaborated with a number of local production companies such as Anorak Film and The Gaabs. 
Her work has been nominated for „Best Work shot on film“ and included in St. Francis college women‘s Filmfestival, New York City and several more. 
In an ever-evolving industry, Greta never shies away from the unfamiliar, always challenging herself to find inspiration in the new and fresh.
* 2016 – 2020
Bachelor of Arts Cinematography
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
* 2020 – 2022
Master of Arts Cinematography
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

ZALANDO X Nike Kids (Commercial, 2022) | THE GAABS
G - Lab Winter (Commercial, 2022) | P.:  THE GAABS
Seidensticker Main Shoot (Commercial, 2022) | P.:  THE GAABS
ZALANDO KIDS (Commercial, 2021) | P.:  THE GAABS
Seidensticker Spring/Summer (Commercial, 2021) | D.:  Marcus Gaab/ THE GAABS
ETSY (Commercial, 2021) | P.:  ANORAK Film
Sheltersuit (Commercial, 2021) | P.:  ANORAK Film
Regenbogen Wohnen (Commercial, 2020) | D.: Christoph Bauer
PENNY - Bow Wowchers (Commercial, 2018) | D.: Christian Hornung/ Tony Petersen Film
Feel Festival (Commercial, 2018) | D.: Max Hegewald

FLOW (Feature Film, 2021) | D.: Julia Patey
WITHOUT US (Teaser, 2021) | D.: Daniel Brandt/ ANORAK Film
Outside Our Homes (Short | Drama, 2019) | D.: Greta Isabella Conte
Stained Skin (Short | Drama, 2019) | D.: Adam Graf/ Mandy Peterat
HEDON (Short, 2018) | D.: Julian Dieterich
PURE - Black Rabbit (Fem. erotic short, 2017) | D.: Greta Isabella Conte/ XConfessions
Take My Breath Away (Short, 2017) | D.: Gloria Gloria Endres de Oliveira
sHe (Short, 2015) | D.: Carolin Herfurth
Truth (Short, 2014) | D.: Greta Isabella Conte
Fräulein Anna (Short, 2013) | D.: Malte Grosche
Komplex (Short, 2013) | D.: Greta Isabella Conte
Traumata (Short, experimental, 2012) | D.: Greta Isabella Conte

Cuntview (Doc short, 2020) | D.: Sarang Nes
Woman of Georgia (Dok short, 2018) | D.: Eva Neidlinger
DARSTELLER (Dok, 2017) | D.: Jannis Alexander Kiefer
MÄANDER (Dok, 2017) | D.: Julian Dieterich

Der Sommer nach dem Abitur (TV, 2018) | D.: Eoin Moore/ Ziegler Film
Schmal & Schlicht (Pilot/TV, 2018) | D.: Eoin Moore/ Moneypenny Film

G E M - Cerulean Eyes (Musicvideo, 2022) | D.: Julian Dietterich/ Paul Scheuffler